Policy Document on the Green Campus

Green Campus: A Green Campus is a place where environmental friendly practices and education combine to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the campus. The green campus concept offers an institution the opportunity to take the lead in redefining its environmental culture and developing new paradigms by creating sustainable solutions to environmental, social and economic needs of mankind. 

Objectives of the Go Green Progrmme: The first step of the Go Green Programme involves establishing a viable Green-Campus Committee, within the organizational structure of the Institute. Hence, to give this initiative more clarity and authenticity, we now roll out a POLICYDOCUMENT spelling out the strategies, plans and other allied tasks to make this Program functional officially. 

We believe that greening the campus is all about sweeping away wasteful inefficiencies and using conventional sources of energies for its daily power needs, correct disposal handling, purchase of environment friendly supplies and effective recycling program. The administration of the Institute believes that everyone has to work out the time bound strategies to implement green campus initiatives. These strategies need to be incorporated into the institutional planning and budgeting processes with the aim of developing a clean and green campus. Every individual of Vidya Bharati Campus will work, may he/she be a student, faculty and support staff to foster a culture of self-sustainability and make the entire campus environmental friendly. The Green Campus Initiatives (GCI) will enable the institution to develop the campus as a living laboratory for innovation. 

Composition of the Go- Green Committee

1. Principal of the college- Chairperson

2. IQAC Coordinator- Secretary

3. Faculty Representative nominated by the Principal

4. Student Representative- General Secretary of the college

5. Non-Teaching Staff Representative- Office Superintendent

6. Parent Representative- Secretary of the Parent Teacher Association

7. Industry Representative- Member of Alumni Association

 Role of the Go- Green Campus Programme:

The impetus for a successful Green Campus must begin at the top and emanate throughout the rest of the campus. Without a strong message of commitment and involvement from both the Chairperson and Members of the Committee, well-intentioned initiatives may be too fragmented to allow for Institute-wide participation. Thus in view of this, the committee will plan and execute to:

1. Seek views of all the Stakeholders to make the Go Green Campus initiative functional throughout the year.

2. Conduct the Campus' environmental impacts to identify the targets for improvements.

3. Establish a Green Campus Environmental Ethic Awareness campaigns.

4. Set forth a Green Campus Mission and a Statement of Principles.

5. Link Green-Campus activities to Academics in the Institute.

6. Organize Awareness Programs for the students, faculty and society.

7. Chart out a yearly planner for the Institute, local community and Stakeholders.

8. Develop a strategic plan and create student teams to carry out specific tasks of the strategic plan. For instance, a plan to save energy at the institute level with time bound plan to install Solar Power Station mandatorily either at the top of Institute building or in open field. This will enable the institute to have 24x7 power supply.

9. Phase out the CFL and conventional light source such as bulbs and tube lights, halogen and mercury street/campus lights and get them replace by the LEDs.

10. Conduct an Annual Green, Environment and Energy Audit.

11. Purchase only Energy Efficient Computers viz: “ENERGYSTAR” or any other equivalent.

12. Establish public/private partnerships with personnel from federal, state, and local environmental agencies, utilities, and the business community.

13. Evaluate daily operations in terms of pollution prevention, waste stream management, and energy efficiency reducing, reusing, recycling, and repairing wherever possible.

14. Secure a commitment up front from the people in charge that well-founded recommendations will be acted upon once audits are completed.


Promotion of “Save Energy Tips” in and outside the Institute:

· Activate power management features on your computer and monitor so that it will go into a low power “sleep” mode when you are not working on it.

· Turn off your monitor when you leave your Table.

· Activate power management features on your laser printer.

· Whenever possible, shut down rather than logging off.

· Turn off unnecessary lights and use daylight instead.

· Avoid the use of decorative lighting.

· Use LED or compact fluorescent bulbs.

· Keep lights off in conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls when they are not in use.

· Use the fans only when they are needed.

· Unplug appliances not plugged into power strips (like TVs, Refrigerators, ACs, tea/coffeepots, printers, faxes, and chargers etc.) 

Waste water Management/ Rainwater harvesting:

The Institute has to work in the direction of waste water management particularly in student's hostels. Water flow restrictors on bathroom faucets and showers, low water flow toilets and automated urinal flushers should be used to cut down campus water use. The Institute will take all necessary measures to implement waste water management /rain water harvesting. 

Major Green Campus Initiatives:

· Installation of Solar Power Station

· Waste water Management/ Rainwater harvesting

· Use of Micro-scale techniques

· Sensor based energy conservation

· Displayed poster on E-waste Management

· Maintenance of water bodies and distribution system in the campus

· MIS to make paperless administration

· Plastic free Campus

· Tree Plantation Drive

· Cleanliness Drive

· Landscaping and gardens

· Use of LEDs only

· Digital Library/ E-Learning Centre

· · Establishment of Enviro-Club

· Green, Environment and Energy Audit conducted

· Restricted entry of automobiles

· No Vehicle Day observed

The Institute will make all the necessary efforts to involve the students, faculty and staff in “Green Campus Initiatives” by designating the volunteers of Enviro Club, NSS & NCC cadets, printing Tshirts/ Caps with green campus initiative slogan specially designed for the purpose. For further details and enquiry, Please feel free to write to us: