Management  Information Technology
General Management
(Adjunct Faculty)
  1. Dr. Girish Manohar Ahire.
    (B.E (Production) MBA (Material Mgt) (HRM), LLB, DIPRL, JRF-NET, Ph.D)
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  2. Dr. Devdatta Karbhari Mukhedkar.
    (B.Sc., B.Sc.(App) Computer Science, MCM, MBA (Operations), MBA (Finance), MCA, Ph.D.)
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  3. Dr. Varsha Nivrutti Bhabad.
    (B.Sc.,MCM, MBA(HR), Ph.D.)
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  4. Dr. Pravin Bhaushaeb Rayate.
    (M.Sc, MMS.(System) (Production), PGDHM)
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  5. Mrs. Deepali Girish Mane
    (B.Sc., M.B.A. ( HR) )
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  6. Mr. Harshal Sharad Deshmukh
    (B. Pharm, MBA, MMM)
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  7. Dr. Jayashri Jitendra Kadam.
    (B. Pharm, MBA, MMS)
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  1. Dr.Balkrishna Daulat Ekade.
    (B.Sc. ,B.Sc.(App.)Computer Science ,M.C.M. ,M.C.A.,Ph.D.)
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  2. Dr.Bhikaji Ganapat Gade.
    (B.Sc., B.Sc(Applied) Comp. Sci, M.C.M., ADCSSA&A, Ph.D)
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  3. Dr.Sanjay Annasaheb Gaikwad
    (B.C.S., M.C.M.,Ph.D.)
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  4. Dr.Deepak Vishwasrao Nandre.
    (B.Sc. (Chem.) B.Sc.(Applied) Comp. Sci, M.C.M., Ph.D.)
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  5. Mr. Rajaram Laxman Pagar
    (B.Sc., B.Sc(Applied) Comp. Sci., M.C.M.
    Master of Computer Management from Poona University in the Bachelors in Science from Poona University)
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  1. Prof. Dr. R. R. Berad
    (M.Com, ICWA, Ph.D)
  2. Mrs. Minu Sethi
    (B.E., M.B.A.)
  3. Mrs. Neeta Nigam
  4. Mr. Satish Gaidhani
Marketing Management
(Adjunct Faculty)
Financial Management
(Adjunct Faculty)
(Adjunct Faculty)
  1. Mr. Roland Lobo
    (B.E., M.M.S.)
  1. Mrs. Deepali Mukharjee
    (B.Com., M.B.A.)
  2. Mrs. Jyoti Kelkar
    (B.Com., M.B.A.)
  3. CA Shyam P Gwalani
    (M.Com.,C.A., SET, NET)
  4. Mrs. Snehal Bhadane
    (B.E., MBA(Fin))
  5. Smt. Snehal Rao
    (B.Com., PGMP (Finance), MA (Economics))
  1. Adv. Shirin Sonawane
Human Resource Management
(Adjunct Faculty)
Operation Management
(Adjunct Faculty)
Hospital Management
(Adjunct Faculty)
  1. Adv. N. D. Bandal
    (B.Sc, MSW, LLB, M.M.S.)
  1. Mr. Mahesh W Dandekar
    (B.Com., M.M.S. )
  1. Dr. Vilas Lachake
    (B.A.M.S., D.H.M., M.B.A.)
  2. Dr. Kishor Ahire
    (B.A.M.S., P.G.D.H.M., M.B.A.)


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